10 Tips for Finding Great Deals on Tennis Tickets

Did you know that some people paid almost 70,000 pounds for a ticket to the Wimbledon Men’s Final in 2013, where Andy Murray was playing against Novak Djokovic? They were there to witness Andy Murray claim the nation’s first title since 1936. 

Since there are limited Wimbledon Tennis tickets for sale, there is always a scramble and sometimes a bidding war on these tickets. If you are looking for a Wimbledon Tennis ticket for the upcoming year, then you need to read through our article below.

In it, we will give you tips on how to snag the best deals on Wimbledon tickets so you don’t end up mortgaging the house just to watch some tennis.

1. Plan Ahead

There’s a reason why Wimbledon tennis fans end up paying exorbitant amounts for tennis tickets. It’s either because they want to sit in the best seats and watch the best games. Or it’s because they didn’t plan ahead, thinking that they would be able to get tickets last minute without any issues.

Don’t make that amateur mistake. Wimbledon Tennis is one of the premier events of the year, and thousands of folks are fighting for the few tickets that are available for sale. So make sure you plan well ahead this year and get tickets for the games you want to watch a few months in advance. 

2. Queue up Early for a Ground Pass

It’s a nice tradition to be part of – joining the queue to get show court tickets. You need to get there early, of course. The earlier, the better.

Some people will even bring camping gear and camp overnight to be first in line. Make sure to bring snacks, drinks, and a chair, so you can wait comfortably in the queue for hours on end. And take it as an adventure.

Don’t forget that you can only purchase one ticket per person, so you need to queue up with friends or family if you want more than one ticket. 

3. Go for Cheaper Priced Games 

If you are a tennis fan and want the opportunity to watch any Wimbledon games at all, no matter the court or the day, then why not go in the first week? These are the qualifying matches, but they can be quite exciting and intense as well. 

And they are much cheaper than any other Wimbledon ticket you might buy. Also, you can experience tennis in a more relaxed and calm fashion, as these games aren’t as packed or crowded as the ones later on in the tournament. 

4. Bring Your Own Food, Snacks, and Drinks

This isn’t necessarily a way to get cheap tickets, but it’s a crucial aspect of Wimbledon Tennis. There’s no point in getting cheap tickets to the game and then spending hundreds of pounds on drinks, food, and snacks because you weren’t well prepared for it.

There are loads of restaurants and snack bars on the grounds, but they are exorbitantly expensive. And it can add up quite quickly if you are buying snacks, meals, and drinks for everyone who came along with you.  

Bring your own snacks to save your wallet and also a packed lunch. Don’t forget you can bring drinks as well – there’s just a limit per person that you need to watch out for.

You can’t bring hard-sided containers, vacuum flasks over 500 ml and items such as picnic hampers or cool boxes, flasks, and camping chairs. Also, you are limited to one bottle of wine or Champagne (750ml) or two cans of premixed aperitifs per person or two cans of beer (500 ml). 

Bottles of spirits or fortified wines are not allowed into the Grounds. Also, hot and/or strong-smelling foods aren’t allowed on the Show Courts. Make sure to read up on the rules at the Wimbledon website (linked above), so you don’t end up throwing precious food or drinks out. 

Also, the grounds do have a water refill station, so if you have a reusable water bottle, you can save money that way (and go green at the same time). 

5. Ask if You Can Take Empty Seats

When corporate guests or other guests who were just there for a few hours left, there are spots available that you could potentially take. These guests aren’t the kind of folks who will give their tickets back to be resold, so you can be a bit cheeky and ask if you can nip into the empty seats that are going to stay empty in any case. 

Sometimes it works; sometimes, it doesn’t. But you will never know if you don’t try. And if it does work, you could end up in a great seat in the Centre or No. 1 court for a great game, for free or very cheap. 

6. If It Rains, Enquire About a Refund

Hopefully, you have many sunny days at Wimbledon this upcoming year, but it’s the UK, and rain is just a common thing over there. So you might end up in a situation where the games are cancelled because of rain. You can claim a full refund on your ticket if you only got to see less than one hour of play due to rain.

If it’s between one and two hours of play, you can get 50% back. Don’t forget to ask for this refund, as most folks don’t know, don’t care, or don’t bother. 

7. Join the Wimbledon Ballot for Next Year

Wimbledon does try to make it a bit easy for tennis lovers to get tickets. They hold a public ballot every year, which opens in September and ends in December, with the results announced in February. 

Most of the tickets for the show courts are sold this way, and there are a limited amount of tickets available for international visitors. It’s a good idea to try the ballot and see which tickets you end up getting. 

8. Look for Folks Who Are Leaving Show Courts

If you have a bit of gumption, then you could ask folks who seem like they are leaving for the day if they mind giving you their ticket. It’s worth a shot!

You never know, you might end up getting Centre Court tickets. Some people will even shout out to see if anyone wants their tickets when they leave for the day. Be savvy about it and jump on these opportunities as they present themselves.

Of course, if you are the shy kind or you would rather not deal with all this hassle, then you might want to consider using our service and getting tailormade Wimbledon Debenture Tickets. Not only do you get the tickets without any work on your part, but you can also get chauffeur-driven round-trip transfers to the All England Lawn Tennis Club. 

Also, you can purchase ticket and hotel packages, so you have nothing to worry about, and everything is taken care of for you.

9. Go After Work and Get Cheaper Priced Tickets

The games can go on until 8 or 9 pm, depending on the weather, so you can go after 5 pm and get cheaper-priced tickets. It’s because a lot of folks have left the grounds at this point, having been there all day, and you can snag their spot. It’s a one-in, one-out kind of situation, so if you wait a bit, you will surely be able to get into the courts. 

10. If You Have an Amex, See if They Have Deals Going On

Not only American Express but many other credit cards, businesses, or organizations have deals on Wimbledon Tennis tickets. If you keep a lookout for these deals, you can snag some nice Court 1 or Centre Court tickets for very cheap. 

You should also keep a lookout for raffles, and other draws that many businesses in London hold where they give away tickets to Wimbledon games.

It’s all about being savvy about and staying alert for deals that are all around you, just waiting to be snatched up. All the sponsors of Wimbledon will also probably be giving tickets away, so you can keep a lookout for that on their social media channels. 

Get Tennis Tickets for Cheap This Year

If you have always baulked at going to Wimbledon because it was way out of your budget, make this year your Wimbledon year. Follow the tips laid out above and get tennis tickets at affordable prices.

Yes, it requires a bit of work and forethought on your part, but you will be flush with joy once you are sitting on Centre Court enjoying a brilliant game of Wimbledon tennis. 

Don’t want to bother with all that? Then buy Wimbledon Debenture tickets with ease from us in any currency you wish. All you need is a 50% deposit to book. 

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