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10 Tips for Planning Your Wimbledon 2023 Tournament Trip

The Wimbledon Tennis Championships have undergone a few historic moments in recent times. First, the organizers cancelled the event in 2020, and then online ticket sales replaced the public ballot in 2021. 

This year, it’s Centre Court’s 100th birthday and there will be no ballot once again. So, if you don’t have your tickets for 2022 yet, you’re better off aiming to attend Wimbledon 2023.

Please keep reading for our top tips on getting your tickets and planning your day at one of the UK’s premier sporting events. 

1. When Is Wimbledon 2023?

Wimbledon dates for 2023 are from 26th June to 9 July and mark the 136th anniversary of the world’s oldest tennis tournament

Now that the organizers have scrapped Middle Sunday as a day of rest, the tournament is bound to follow the same schedule as 2022.

All the ladies and gentlemen’s first to third rounds will take place as usual during the first week, with the fourth round of singles matches split over Sunday and Monday.

The singles quarter-finals will take place on the second Tuesday and Wednesday, with the mixed doubles final featuring as the last match on the second Thursday.

Finals Weekend will see the ladies’ singles and gentlemen’s doubles finalists take to the court on Saturday, with the men’s singles and ladies’ doubles finalists following suit on Sunday.

2. How to Get Wimbledon 2023 Tickets

The Wimbledon 2023 ballot opens in September and closes in December 2022. To sign up, you must go to the Wimbledon website and open a myWIMBLEDON account.

It’s easy and free to put your name down for tickets this way, but it’s not so easy to get tickets allocated to you.

The ballot works in the same way as a lottery, with thousands of people placed in a draw to receive tickets. There’s no guarantee of success, you can’t choose which tickets you get, and there’s a limit of two tickets per household.

The organizers announce the results between February and March. If you’re offered tickets at this time, you must pay for them immediately.

If you don’t accept your tickets in time, they’re re-offered to someone else who entered the ballot.

Apart from getting tickets via the ballot, you can try standing in line for tickets on the day you wish to attend Wimbledon. To do this, you’ll need to join the famous Wimbledon Queue

3. How Much Do Wimbledon 2023 Tickets Cost?

Ticket prices for Wimbledon 2022 are in the region of £46 to £240 for seating, depending on which day you attend. They get more expensive as the tournament wears on. 

Ground passes are a much cheaper option, ranging from £8 to £27 and also increase as time goes on. Naturally, debenture tickets and hospitality tickets cost a lot more. 

There are many scam artists around reselling their ballot tickets for grossly inflated prices. They’re especially active trying to sell tickets to people who’ve been queueing for hours.

This is an illegal activity, so you should avoid acquiring tickets this way at all costs. 

It’s important that you book your tickets with either an official seller or a reputable agent selling debenture tickets, and the sooner you book, the better.

4. Buying Debenture Tickets

Debenture tickets are like season tickets. They offer the best views over Centre Court and Court One and apply to every day of the tournament. 

Center court debenture seats comprise rows A-N, while those on Court One are between rows A and Q. Ticket holders receive the same seat numbers for the duration of the event, but never get the same allocation two years in a row.

Additionally, debenture tickets often give spectators access to exclusive bars, restaurants, and hospitality packages.

Businesses and individuals buy these tickets and retain them for five years at a time. They’re the only Wimbledon tickets that you can buy legally from a reseller.

Many of these tickets go on sale as soon as the AELTC allocates the seat numbers to debenture holders.

It’s easy to see why these are among the most desirable and valuable tickets available for Wimbledon.

5. About Wimbledon Hospitality Packages

Official hospitality packages enhance your Wimbledon experience considerably. These are separate from the hospitality packages offered by debenture ticket sellers.

They usually include things like:

  • Complimentary champagne
  • Fine dining with premium wines
  • High tea during the afternoon

Most of the exclusive venues at Wimbledon, like the Skyview Suites, the Lawn Private Dining, and Rosewater Pavilion Private Dining, offer hospitality packages. 

6. What Is a Grounds Ticket?

Grounds tickets give you access to the areas outside the courts at Wimbledon. You don’t get a seat with these tickets, and the only seating area is on Henman’s Hill or Murray’s Mount. 

You can still watch the matches on huge TV screens located across the grounds, and a grounds ticket is an excellent way to enjoy the Wimbledon atmosphere if you don’t have a regular ticket. 

Ground tickets also become more expensive as the tournament progresses, and there’s usually only standing room available by the time the final day arrives.  

7. Allocation of Seats at Wimbledon

Every year, the AETC reserves 500 tickets each for Centre Court, Court No. 1, and Court No. 2 per day of play for sale in the queue. 

They allocate these on a first-come-first-served basis, and you won’t know your seat number until you get it. The most desirable tickets go on sale first, which explains people’s willingness to camp out in order to receive them.

8. When Is the Best Time to Attend Wimbledon?

The final day is always the busiest and most exciting at Wimbledon, but it’s not a good choice for you if you don’t like crowds.

You’ll still get to enjoy the experience if you attend a lesser match, and you can always catch the main events on television at your local pub surrounded by friends.

Some record-breaking matches have occurred on the outer courts, and the top players have to start somewhere, too.  

9. Making the Most of Your Wimbledon Outing

Although tennis is undoubtedly the main event at Wimbledon, watching the matches is only one part of this iconic event. 

You simply must try the strawberries and cream while you’re there. LEAF certified farmers cultivate these fruits, especially for the tournament. 

Every year, spectators at Wimbledon wolf down tons of strawberries picked fresh at dawn on the day and slathered with thousands of litres of cream, fresh from top-class local dairies.

Nowadays, you can even order your strawberries with vegan cream, so no one needs to miss out.

You can also visit the AELTC tennis museum or book a tour of the facility for extra insights into the world of Wimbledon. 

While you’re in the area, you can also visit Tower Bridge, Wembley Stadium, and the National Gallery. 

From a practical point of view, make sure you prepare for every weather eventuality during your visit to the grounds. The English summer weather is unpredictable.

Apply high-factor sunscreen before leaving home, and pack the bottle in your bag. An umbrella is essential to protect you from the sun or rain, too.

10. Getting to Wimbledon

You can get to Wimbledon from London via the Southfields Underground Station, which is about 15 minutes walk from the grounds. There is also a single-deck bus service linking Wimbledon Station to Southfields Station and the Museum at Gate 4. 

Alternatively, taxis run from Wimbledon Station to Gate 4. 

If you decide to travel to Wimbledon by car, you’ll find Blue Badge parking located close to the Museum. There is no charge for available parking, but you will need a photographic ID to get a parking pass.  

Somerset Road offers just 20 parking bays which are free for Blue Badge holders and on weekends.

You’ll also find numerous single and multi-storey car parks in Wimbledon Town Centre. You can take a taxi or a bus from there. 

There are several hotels in the area offering accommodation close to the Wimbledon Station, but you must book well in advance to reserve a place at these establishments.  

Start Planning for Wimbledon 2023

Although you can’t secure tickets for the event yet, you can start planning your Wimbledon outing right away. Step one is diarizing the date for the ballot, so you don’t miss the deadlines.

If you want to buy debenture tickets, you can find them for sale after May in the year of the tournament, so that’s another date for your diary.

Another way to ensure you get tickets and enjoy the best Wimbledon 2023 experience, is to bookmark our website and check back regularly for updates or contact us for assistance.

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