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11 Tips for Purchasing Wimbledon Tickets

After a year or two of not being able to attend events, going anywhere sounds like a big deal.

And maybe it should be. The pandemic was hard for everyone; treating yourself to a safe, fun event is long overdue. 

Wimbledon 2022 and 2023 are still a ways away, but it’s never too early to start planning for an amazing trip and a unique experience.

The first step to planning your trip to one of the world’s biggest tennis events is to get the best Wimbledon tickets. With a popular event like this, the competition for the best tennis tickets at the best price can be fierce.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to share with you the best tips for getting the best tickets at Wimbledon. It’s time to treat yourself to some fun and get out there to watch the most exciting tennis matches of the year. 

Read on to find out our 11 tips for getting the best Wimbledon Tickets you can get your hands on. 

1. If You Can, Queue Up 

Queuing up for Wimbledon is a fun, unique experience. It’s a chance to get out of your home and get to know other enthusiastic tennis lovers. It has become a much-loved staple of the event over the years. 

However, this special tradition was not possible in 2021 due to the pandemic. Under normal circumstances, you are able to queue up for tickets the day before the tennis match you’d like to see.

It’s hard to know for sure if this will be available in 2022 or for Wimbledon 2023, but for the time being it looks like it may come back for Wimbledon 2022. 

If it is at all possible in 2022, it’s a good idea to queue up the day before. So if you want to see a match on a Wednesday, you will want to get out there into the queue by Tuesday, maybe even Monday night. 

You will queue up at Wimbledon Park, about fifteen minutes from where the matches take place. You’ll want to make sure you bring a tent if you’re staying overnight. Make sure to bring some snacks, water, sunscreen, and something to keep yourself entertained.

The earlier you queue up the more likely it is you’ll get Centre Court tickets. When you enter the queue you will be given a queue card and you mustn’t lose this. This will basically be your ticket into the event and proof you’ve been in the queue. 

Usually, if your queue card is numbered between 1-500 you’ll likely be able to get Centre Court tickets. If yours is numbered 501-1000 you’ll likely get Court 1 tickets. 

While the next tip, the ballot, is easier, there is nothing quite like experiencing the Wimbledon ticket queue. 

2. Try Your Luck With the Ballot

The Wimbledon Public Ballot began in 1924 as a fair means for the public to get tickets to the event. There is both a public and overseas ballot. 

Obtaining a ticket through the ballot is one of the oldest methods of getting tickets. However, there are downsides. Entry into the ballot doesn’t guarantee you tickets, it’s more of a luck-of-the-draw scenario. 

If you are participating in the public ballot, make sure you do not miss the registration period, which is usually from September to mid-October. If you miss the registration period, you’re out of luck for the ballot, so do not miss it!

After registration, you can fill out an application for the ballot in November. After that, you wait! The ballot takes place in January and you’ll be notified if you’re one of the lucky ones.

If you live in another country and want to attend Wimbledon you can also try your luck at the ballot. The process is similar to the public one, but everything is done online and you will need a valid email to register.

You will first receive an email verifying your application. This email will contain a link you must click on to verify. The second email will be your confirmation that you have entered the ballot.  

3. Enter Every Giveaway Possible

It might sound like a far-fetched idea, but it never hurts to test the waters and enter every giveaway that you come across. 

Hey, the more giveaways you enter, the better your odds are, right?

Companies like Evian Water, Sipsmith Gin, and competition websites may be running Wimbledon ticket giveaway contests. Some may even be giving away entire luxury packages for the ultimate Wimbledon experience.

For instance, Sipsmith’s giveaway included tickets to Wimbledon, a tour of their gin distillery, a luxury resort vacation in England, and a fun bar kit. 

While it’s no guarantee of tickets, it doesn’t hurt to enter all the contests you come across. 

4. Timing Is Everything

Simply put, the sooner you put together a plan to buy your tickets, the better. 

When you wait until the last minute to purchase tickets for a popular event like this, then it’s very likely that you will wind up with some of the worst seats in the house. You’ll likely have paid more for those bad seats, too.

The only exception to this is lining up for the queue in person, which is usually done a day or two before the match you want to see. 

Waiting until the last minute means you have reached a desperate place for tickets. That means you’re more likely to purchase tickets off of reseller websites. 

These tickets are usually trustworthy and valid, but buying from a reseller means you will be paying a lot more than you originally would have.

Sometimes reseller tickets can even be double their original price depending on the popularity of the event and the scarcity of tickets. 

Don’t get stuck dishing out more money than you have to due to poor planning!

5. Treat yourself to a Debenture Ticket Package 

Not every Wimbledon ticket is made equal. Not every experience is made equal either. 

That’s because you can choose to level up.

Debenture ticket packages are a special kind of Wimbledon experience. Wimbledon Tennis Tickets put together exclusive, special packages that ensure your experience will be unlike any other. 

Our package gives you the ability to choose the date and Centre Court match you want to see. This ticket gives you access to all the matches on Centre Court that day, as well as all the matches on the outside courts, except for Court 1.

You will also have access to all Debenture Holder Restaurants and a private chauffeur to drive you from the central London location of your choice to Wimbledon.  

These ticket prices will include all service charges and taxes, can be shipped worldwide via UPS, and come with full financial protection. 

6. Get a Job at Wimbledon 

While this may not sound like the most relaxing way to experience Wimbledon, it is one way to guarantee you’re near the action for the entirety of the event. 

Every year Wimbledon hires many people to help in roles like member services, information, and food services. 

There are many upsides to this option. Not only will you be getting paid to watch your favourite sport, but you will likely be near your tennis heroes. You will also get free access to every match for every day of the event. 

7. Get Friendly With Wimbledon’s Sponsors

Having good friends in great places will get you far when it comes to scoring tickets to the year’s hottest tickets. It couldn’t hurt to double-check if any of your friends work for one of Wimbledon’s sponsors. 

Wimbledon has a list of official sponsors. These sponsors tend to buy a large number of tickets that they then can offer or sell to their employees.

Better yet, sometimes these tickets are even better than the average Wimbledon ticket. Sometimes these companies will purchase corporate hospitality packages for their employees that can include exclusive perks and offers. 

The phrase “be nice to everyone you meet” definitely applies here. Check with your friends and their friends. Maybe someone will be able to help you out or make a deal with you. 

8. Become a Steward

Chances are, you’re not a professional tennis player. If you don’t qualify as a player but are still competitive and have a love for the game, you may want to try and apply as a steward.

Stewards work the Wimbledon event and offer a warm, friendly greeting to guests. They help visitors find their way around the grounds, assist with queue sales, and generally help in any way needed during the event.

All stewards are volunteers; there is a waiting list, and each new steward is required to work a probationary period of two years before they can be considered for the Honorary Stewards Association. This role does require a minimum commitment of at least 5 years. 

It is an unpaid commitment, but it does guarantee you a chance to enjoy Wimbledon as much as you want. 

9. Try the Treehouse Hospitality Package

Another way to guarantee your way into Wimbledon is to purchase a hospitality package.

This way you will not only see the matches you want, but you will do it with some exclusive and special perks. 

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets offers several kinds of hospitality packages at different price points. 

The Treehouse hospitality facility offers tickets to either Centre Court or Court 1, a live DJ and live cooking displays for an upbeat atmosphere, and informal afternoon tea. This is also the most cost-effective package available.

It also includes premium cocktails, a selection of speciality wines, and a complimentary bar throughout the day. 

Not only are you guaranteed tickets, but the event will be a new and fun experience unlike any other you’ve had before.

10. Try the Centre Court Skyview Suites Package

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets’ most luxurious package is The Centre Court Skyview Suites. 

This package includes a private suite for between 10 and 20 people within Centre Court. You will have some of the most prime seats available on Centre Court that will be just metres from your suite. 

Your suite will include a private balcony that overlooks the crowd. You will also have your own personal hostess to help you with anything you may need on the day of the event.

This package also includes a vintage champagne reception, a four-course meal prepared and delivered by award-winning chefs, and a premium afternoon tea.

There will also be a cheese, strawberry, and cream food course. You will have access to a complimentary bar throughout the day, which includes champagne and fine wines. To top it off, you will have a private chauffeur service to drive you anywhere within the M25. 

This is by far the best hospitality package available for Wimbledon. Level your experience up and treat you and your guests to luxury, fun, and some of the best seats available for Wimbledon. 

11. Buy Returned Tickets in Resale

Every day during Wimbledon there are a number of guests who leave the matches early. They are encouraged to discard their tickets in a red box right outside of the matches or have their tickets scanned at the exit. 

Doing either of these will regenerate a new ticket that can be made available for someone else. These tickets are usually made available to the public in the afternoon around 3 or 5 PM. 

You can queue up for these cheaper tickets at the resale kiosk or ask about them at the resale ticket office. 

These tickets are popular due to their low price point, so it’s worth queuing up early and having the patience to remain in line. 

Plan to Purchase Your Wimbledon Tickets Today 

Now’s the time to plan your trip to Wimbledon 2022 or 2023. The earlier, the better. 

Contact Wimbledon Tennis Tickets today to find out more about purchasing your Wimbledon tickets today. 

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