An Insiders Guide to Navigating Wimbledon 2023 Ticket Prices

Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious tennis event in the world, and getting your hands on a ticket is like winning the lottery. 

It’s certainly not impossible, though. Approximately 500,000 people attend London’s famous annual tennis tournament, which spans two weeks each summer.

So, how does one go about procuring Wimbledon tickets in 2023? Read further for a full breakdown of Wimbledon 2023 ticket prices.

Wimbledon 2023 Dates

In 2022, Novak Djokovic was crowned Wimbledon champion for a seventh time after beating Nick Kyrgios in four sets. On the women’s side, Elena Rybakina became the first Kazakh Grand Slam champion in history.

Despite his age, Djokovic is the early favourite for the 2023 edition, which will begin on Monday, July 3. The Wimbledon final will take place 13 days later on Sunday, July 16.

The full schedule for Wimbledon 2023 is as follows:

  • July 3 & 4 – Men’s and women’s singles first round
  • July 5 & 6 – Men’s and women’s singles second round
  • July 7 & 8 – Men’s and women’s singles third round
  • July 9 & 10 – Men’s and women’s singles fourth round
  • July 11 & 12 – Men’s and women’s singles quarter-finals
  • July 13 – Women’s singles semi-finals
  • July 14 – Men’s singles semi-finals
  • July 15 – Women’s singles final
  • July 16 – Men’s singles final

When you buy Wimbledon tickets in advance, you won’t know who you will get to see. Each night, the All England Lawn Tennis Club will confirm the following day’s order of play.

Visit the official Wimbledon website to check for any updates to the schedule closer to the time.

How to Get Tickets

Wimbledon tickets are not easy to come by. But thankfully, there are various ways for fans to get into SW19.

The public ballot is how most spectators get into the show courts, but there are plenty of opportunities for punters to buy tickets online. Wimbledon 2023 ticket prices vary greatly, depending on where they are sourced and whether they’re for a show court.

One popular way to get tickets is by joining the Wimbledon queue. Thousands of tennis fans enter daily via The Queue, but only 500 Centre Court tickets are handed out. On the last four days of the tournament, there are zero Centre Court tickets available to those in The Queue.

The Ballot

Wimbledon’s public ballot was introduced in 1924 and is always massively oversubscribed. Tickets are sold at face value directly from the All England Club, with Centre Court tickets ranging from £70 to £255. There is a maximum of one entry per household, and they’ll be offered up to two tickets if successful.

There has been no public ballot since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fans awarded tickets in the 2020 Wimbledon public ballot were offered the same day and court for 2022.

The ballot provides tickets to Centre Court, Court One, Court Two, and Court Three. However, you should be aware that these tickets are strictly non-transferable. Successful applicants can decline the ballot offer, but they don’t have the option to swap their tickets for another day.

While the ballot is public and open to everyone, the application phase for the 2023 tournament closed on November 15, 2022. The All England Club confirmed they had received a record number of applications for the 2023 tournament. In February, applicants will find out if they were successful.

Buy Wimbledon Tickets Online

There’s still hope even if you failed to register for the public ballot. Tickets procured in the ballot are non-transferable, but for those willing to spend a little more, there are certain tickets available.

You can guarantee a seat at Wimbledon on your preferred day by buying VIP or debenture tickets through a provider. Tailormade Wimbledon Debentures supplies fans all over the world with debenture tickets for Centre Court and Court One. These tickets cost more but ensure a premium seat, as well as the use of exclusive restaurants and bars.

Sometimes you can nab a good deal by booking a Wimbledon ticket plus hotel package. On our website, you can build your own package, which includes tickets plus your desired number of nights in a range of hotels.

In previous years, fans could buy tickets on Ticketmaster each evening for the following day’s play. In 2022, the All England Tennis Club ended this partnership, leaving fans with only one other way to get tickets.

The Famous Wimbledon Queue

Some might say it’s the most iconic queue in the world. And they’re not wrong.

Ever since 1927, tennis fans have been (for the most part) patiently waiting in line for tickets at Wimbledon Park. No other major global sporting event sells tickets in this way.

Thousands of tickets are available on the day on a first-come-first-served basis. On arrival at The Queue, fans are handed a queue card that is dated and numbered to show their position in The Queue. These tickets are sold at face value, which is the same price as those procured in the public ballot.

Around 500 Centre Court tickets are saved for The Queue, except for the final four days of the tournament. There are also 500 tickets available for Court No. 1 and Court No.2.

If you just want to get entry to the outside courts, thousands of ground passes are available to those who arrive early in the morning. These tickets cost as little as £27 but don’t include a reserved seat on any court.

If you want to get a Centre Court ticket, arriving around lunchtime the day before is recommended. Bring a tent, and you’ll camp alongside hundreds of other tennis fans. This is a cheaper alternative to buying VIP or debenture tickets online, but it requires a considerable amount of time, dedication, and energy.

If you enter on a ground pass, you can visit the resale kiosk to purchase a returned ticket for the show courts. There is usually a significant queue here, and there is no guarantee of getting tickets. It opens at 3 pm and, once available, Centre Court and Court One tickets sell for £10, while Court Two tickets cost £5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Wimbledon tickets that we didn’t answer above? Take a look at our FAQ below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

1. How Much Do Wimbledon Tickets Cost?

Wimbledon 2023 ticket prices range massively in price. Ground passes cost as little as £27, while others can spend thousands on VIP or debenture tickets.

The AELTC has increased prices for next summer’s event, with Centre Court final tickets rising from £240 to £255. Fans are guaranteed a seat if they buy VIP or debenture tickets online in advance, but these cost considerably more money. 

2. How Many Tickets are Available?

Around 39,000 spectators are admitted into SW19 each day. Centre Court boasts a capacity of 14,979, and Court One has 12,345 seats. The majority of tickets are available in the public ballot, but there is also a total of 3500 debenture seats.

No. 2 court has 4000 seats, and thousands of ground passes are available for fans who queue.

3. What Are Debenture Seats?

Wimbledon debenture seats are the most prestigious tickets available. They’re the only legally transferable tickets at Wimbledon and provide fans with the best viewing angle in both Centre Court and Court One. They’re situated at the level of the Royal Box and these esteemed seats permit guests to rub shoulders with royalty and celebrities.

There are 2500 debenture seats on Centre Court and 1000 on Court One. Debenture owners spend upwards of £80,000 for a five-year seat at the Wimbledon Championship. They can resell their tickets for each day, and you can buy these on our website.

3. Is Parking Included With My Tickets?

It depends on what ticket you have. A regular ticket does not include car parking, but there is public car parking available in car park 6, and it costs £35.

A debenture ticket gives guests exclusive access to the debenture areas, bars, and restaurants. And these splendid tickets also give access to the debenture holders’ car park.

Not to worry if you don’t have a car. If you book a debenture ticket through our site, a private chauffeur will take you to and from the All England Lawn Tennis Club at no extra cost.

4. How Do I Apply for the Public Ballot?

Unfortunately, you’ve missed your chance to register. The ballot closed on November 15, and those who are successful will be notified via email in February 2023.

Get online early next year and submit your application to be placed in a random draw for tickets.

Don’t Miss Out on Wimbledon Tickets in 2023

Each year, the grass courts in South London play host to an unmissable tennis tournament. Even if you didn’t register for the ballot, getting Wimbledon tickets in 2023 is still possible. You can either buy tickets online or join Wimbledon’s famous queue.

Contact one of our Wimbledon experts today to learn about our packages and secure yourself a seat at SW19.

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