How to Buy Tickets for Wimbledon (Even If It’s Already Sold Out)

Every year, tickets for Wimbledon are in high demand. It is regularly featured on lists of the top sporting events in the world and, in 2021, welcomed more than half a million people through its gates. But if you hope to be among the crowds for the 2023 event, you may find tickets hard to come by.

Unlike most other sporting events, you can’t purchase tickets directly from the All England Club, which runs the event. However, that does not mean that you’ve run out of options.

In this guide, we’ll show you how it’s still possible to get tickets for Wimbledon. We’re not talking about tickets on outside courts for less-than-stellar events. Instead, we’re talking about premium tickets that will bring you up close and personal with the biggest names in the game, playing on its greatest stages.

Let’s get started.

Wimbledon’s Unique Ticketing Arrangements

Because Wimbledon is an event unlike any other, it also has a unique ticketing system. There are three main types of tickets:

  • Public ballot tickets
  • Queue tickets
  • Debentures

Public Ballot

There are three main show courts at Wimbledon – Centre Court, Court No. 1 and Court No. 2. Every year, the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club sells the majority of tickets for these courts through a public ballot. Fans from anywhere in the world can enter their names in the ballot via Wimbledon’s official website.

This system began in the 1920s and is oversubscribed every year. This means that it’s something of a lottery, with no guarantee of receiving an offer of tickets.

The ballot generally runs from mid-October to mid-November each year. Those randomly selected receive notification in February of the following year.

If you are fortunate enough to be given a chance to buy tickets, you have no choice over the tickets you receive. You can either accept the allocation and purchase them or reject the offer. There is no option to resell these tickets, so never buy tickets from someone who has obtained tickets through the ballot.

The public ballot has now closed for Wimbledon 2023, but there are still other options open to you.

The Queue

The queue has become an integral part of the Wimbledon experience for many fans. If you don’t mind waiting, possibly even overnight, this is a way to purchase tickets for Wimbledon 2023. 

A small number of premium tickets are available each day. If you are there early enough, you have a chance of receiving a queue card that will guarantee you a ticket on one of the main show courts. A number of ground passes are also available each day, which provide access to all courts apart from the main show courts.

The queue is an experience, but it’s not for everyone. If you have health conditions, it may be arduous and is not recommended. Additionally, there is no guarantee of getting the tickets you want.

Tickets obtained via the queue are non-transferable. This means that it is not possible to ask someone to queue on your behalf in order to get the ticket you want. However, there is still a way of getting the tickets you want without the discomfort of queueing for hours.


Debentures are tickets that are purchased in 5-year blocks. They provide ticket holders with a premium seat on Centre Court or Court No. 1 and exclusive access to certain bars and restaurants on-site. Unlike tickets obtained in other ways, debenture tickets can be transferred or resold.

You can find Wimbledon tickets for sale through online ticket resellers and authorised hospitality providers. The ticket price for the Wimbledon final could be £3,900 or more. While some resellers provide the ticket only, others offer further benefits.

This may include transfers, international shipping, and additional protections.

The Best Way to Get Tickets for Wimbledon 2023

The final way to get tickets for Wimbledon 2023 is through an authorised hospitality provider. Even if tickets appear to be sold out elsewhere, you may still be able to get the seats you’re looking for.

Authorised hospitality providers give you access to debenture tickets – the very best seats in the house. However, they provide much more than just access to world-class tennis.

They provide a truly luxurious experience. It begins the moment your chauffeur arrives at your accommodation. 

Top Quality Tickets

Debenture tickets are for Centre Court and Court No. 1 only. However, these tickets also provide access to the outside courts. For real tennis aficionados, this is a great chance to step out and see emerging talent or greats of the game in their twilight years.

Debenture tickets are located on the Royal Box level on Centre Court. This puts you in a prime position with a slightly elevated view. From this vantage point, you can take in the entire court with ease and get a true sense of the power, precision, and athleticism of the players.

On Court No. 1, debenture seating is reserved in the ‘Debenture Ring’, which occupies the first 17 rows of the middle tier. 

Both Centre Court and No. 1 Court benefit from retractable roofs. This ensures that you are guaranteed to see the play, come rain or shine on the day.

See the Stars

In 2022, Centre Court and No. 1 Court saw the likes of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, and Emma Raducanu. The All England Club carefully craft an order of play that highlights the top players of the day, along with the homegrown talent to delight the crowd.

At times, additional matches are scheduled on Centre and No.1 Court during the day, especially if play is running ahead of schedule. You can rest assured that you will see a full day of top-quality tennis featuring some of the most recognisable players in the world. 

Book a Center Court ticket, and you can have fun celebrity spotting in the Royal Box. Last year it played host to the current Prince and Princess of Wales, along with numerous luminaries from sports, film, and industry.

Total Control

When you buy tickets this way, you choose the day you want. There’s no anxious waiting for the results of a ballot and no need to queue for hours in the sun. You will have guaranteed seats for the court you want on the day you want.

Debenture tickets are sold in pairs. However, if you need an odd number of tickets, the hospitality provider may be able to accommodate this request.

Luxury from Start to Finish

If you live locally and would like to make your own way to the grounds, there is exclusive parking available for debenture ticket holders. But for ultimate luxury, why not choose the chauffeur-driven option?

A driver will collect you from any location in Central London and bring you to the All England Club in style. Enter using your tickets for direct access to Centre Court or No. 1 Court. Arrive a little early to enjoy lunch at one of the debenture-holder restaurants before making your way to your seats to enjoy the action.

Throughout the day, you can adjourn to any of the debenture lounges, bars, or restaurants for further refreshment. Enjoy a refreshing glass of Pimms, some strawberries and cream, or something more substantial in one of these stylish facilities. They also afford spectacular views over the grounds. 

After a satisfying day of tennis, your chauffeur will return you to your accommodation in style.

Wimbledon Ticket and Hotel Packages

Make your Wimbledon 2023 experience truly unforgettable with a ticket and hotel package

How does the luxury of the world-renowned, 5-star Savoy Hotel sound? Or maybe the 4-star Plaza Westminster Hotel? Either option makes the perfect setting for your Wimbledon experience.

There are packages available for three nights and upwards. All include outstanding debenture tickets and some of the best hotel accommodations in town.

Popular packages include the Middle Weekend Package and the Men’s and Ladies’ Final packages. You can also work with a representative to craft your own bespoke package. You could enjoy the following highlights:

  • Daily luxury breakfast
  • Evening dinner cruise on the River Thames
  • Chauffer-driven transfers to the All England Club
  • Top-quality Centre Court or No. 1 Court tickets 
  • Access to the debenture holders’ restaurants

Tickets for Wimbledon from Tailormade

Tickets for Wimbledon 2023 are still available – and they’re the best seats in the house. Debenture ticket packages from Tailormade allow you to enjoy the very best of the action. They also give you access to the most exclusive hospitality options.

To learn more about our Wimbledon 2023 package options, contact us online. Alternatively, call us on +44 203 8596810 to discuss your requirements.

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