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How to Buy Wimbledon Tennis Tickets

Wimbledon is the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world and for many people attending even one day of the tournament would be a dream come true.  But how do you get tickets for Wimbledon and how much do they cost?

It might come as a surprise to many people but tickets to Wimbledon, even in Centre Court or the No. 1 Court can actually be very reasonably priced, however you have to know the system to be able to get access to these tickets.


Wimbledon has operated a Public Ballot for tickets since 1924 and this is still considered to be the fairest way in which everyone gets an equal chance to experience The Championship.  The price of Wimbledon tickets that are won in the ballot vary according to the day on which you attend and the quality of your ticket.

Grounds Pass tickets will provide you with access to all of the courts apart from Centre Court and courts 1-4 and are priced between £15 and £27 per ticket.  Centre Court ticket prices range from £70 in the first week to £240 for the Men’s Final and No. 1 Court tickets range in price from £65 to £155.

It is important to note that Wimbledon Tickets that are won in the ballot are not transferrable and cannot be resold.


All UK Tennis Clubs that are officially affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) are issued with tickets to Wimbledon each year.  The number of tickets that the club receives and the type of tickets that are provided ranges according to the number of members of each club, however being a member certainly gets you a good chance of getting at ticket.

Most UK Tennis Clubs will operate a ballot or lottery system within their membership so that they can distribute their tickets in a fair and transparent way.  Therefore one of the best ways to secure your tickets to Wimbledon is to join a tennis club and enter their ticket ballot


Many people will have seen people queueing for Wimbledon Tickets on the news with some people so dedicated that they will even camp overnight on the streets of London to ensure that they get to the front of the queue the following morning.

So how does the Queuing system work and what types of tickets are available?  Apart from on the final 4 days of the tournament, you are able to get either ‘Grounds Admission’ or ‘Show Court’ tickets by joining The Queue at Wimbledon.  However it is important to note that there are very few Centre Court, No.1 Court or event No.2 Court tickets available to the queuing public – therefore you need to arrive early… and early means 5am!   Do do note that even then the campers may be ahead of you and you are not guaranteed show court tickets.

When you join ‘The Queue’ for Wimbledon Tennis Tickets you will be given a ‘Queue Card’.  This is official acknowledgement of your position in The Queue and means that it is not possible to queue jump.  However, please do take note that everyone who wants a ticket must be present.. it is not possible for one person to queue on behalf of others who are arriving later.


The gates open at Wimbledon at 10.30 am allowing access to all of the outside courts. Play on Centre Court and No. 1 Court doesn’t begin until the early afternoon but if you were lucky enough to get Wimbledon Tickets for those courts they also entitle you to access to all of the other ‘outside courts’ as well.   The gates for ‘The Queue’ also reopen at 5pm and this can be a great opportunity to watch the matches that go on late into the evening.


A little known fact about Wimbledon Tickets is that people who leave Centre Court and No.1 Court early are encouraged to hand their tickets back in so that they can be resold for charity.  These are only available to people who are already within the grounds with a Grounds Pass Ticket, but if you head towards Gate 18 (at the top of Murray Mound) at around 4pm (or as people start to leave) you will find a small hut from which tickets to the show courts can be purchased for a small donation.


Wimbledon Debenture Tickets have been used by the All England Lawn Tennis Club for many years as a way to generate income for the club to fund future projects.  Issued every 5 years, anyone can apply to purchase Wimbledon Debenture Tickets for either the Centre or No. 1 Court.

Currently there are 2520 Debenture Seats on Centre Court and 1000 Debenture Seats on the No.1 Court.

Debenture Tickets are valid for 5 years are entitle the Debenture Holder to tickets for everyday of the tournament and uniquely the option to sell individual day tickets in the open market – to people like us.   A Wimbledon Debenture Ticket purchase is an investment and is usually made through a Stock Broker.  Prices for Centre Court Debenture Tickets for the 2021 – 2025 tournaments were £80,000 per ticket and the price for No.1 Court Tickets for the same time period were £31,000.

The good news though, is that by using an intermediary like Wimbledon Tennis Tickets, you are able to purchase either Centre Court or No.1 Court Tickets for individual days.  Debenture Ticket prices fluctuate according to the popularity of the days play and therefore it is always worth checking the prices for all of the days before making your purchase.

Wimbledon Debenture Ticket purchased come complete with an official Wimbledon Parking pass and access to a range of Wimbledon Debenture Holder’s Restaurants.  These restaurants provide the Debenture Holder with the opportunity to purchase food and drinks either in a casual buffet style environment or a more formal restaurant style environment.

Wimbledon Debenture Tickets that are purchased through Wimbledon Tennis Tickets also include complementary return private chauffeur driven transfers from central London to the All England Club.


For people who are lucky for more of a VIP Wimbledon experience, there is the option of a Wimbledon Hospitality Package.  These packages are based in various hospitality lounges at the All England Lawn Tennis Club as well as within purpose build marquee facilities located on Wimbledon Golf Club.

Packages include a welcome drink on arrival, a sumptuous lunch prepared by a renowned chef, afternoon tea, an unlimited open bar and of course guaranteed tickets to either Centre or No. 1 Court.  Wimbledon Hospitality prices start at £670 + VAT per person.

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