How to Save Money on Wimbledon Ticket Prices in 2023

In the Centre Courts of Wimbledon, there are only 15,000 tickets available for anyone to watch some of the most stunning tennis matches around. The trouble for most people, though, is this will cost them a lot of money to access, as the Wimbledon ticket prices in 2023 look to be costly.

So, how can you save money on these seats and still make sure you enjoy yourself?

Below, we expand on some of the best tips we can offer to help get you to some of the more exciting courts. As you read, see if you can apply any of these tips to your search for cheap seats.

Buy Well in Advance

It is a universal truth that buying tickets earlier on will tend to net you a better deal. As they start to disappear, you can expect any online site to increase their prices in line with scarcity. Now, some of these may be building up an artificial scarcity to increase ticket costs, but at the start, this is very hard to do.

As such, as soon as you hear the tickets go on sale, visit those online stores and pick up something for you and others. Not only will you get the best deals, but you can assume people will always pick the best seats first. By buying early, you can also avoid needing to settle for some of the least prestigious seat options. 

Think About Getting a Package Deal

If you are visiting London from outside to go to Wimbledon, you might want to think about staying overnight. This can save you a lot of money with the UK’s rail system being very costly. Still, hotels are not cheap, and you want to ensure you have enough money left over to buy the tickets.

To help you with this, many ticket sellers will sell package deals. These include both the hotel and Wimbledon tickets. These will often cost you much less than if you were to buy them at separate times.

You may only be able to pick up specific seats or hotels with these, meaning you need to compromise on a few things. Despite this, they are often close to Wimbledon and often have other fans as guests to keep you in the mood in the time between each event day. So, look into what you can get and turn the whole event into one simple transaction.

Attend the Earlier Matches

Everyone knows the later Wimbledon matches are the most exciting ones. This builds up towards the final events, which are between people with the highest skill in tennis in the world. Still, this does not mean the earlier matches are not worth seeing.

If you need to keep affordability in mind, consider compromising on the events you might want to check out. Instead of seeing the finals, think about attending earlier matches instead. These are often much cheaper, sometimes allowing you to buy several tickets for the price of a single ticket to the final.

Do not worry about the skill level at these events, though. To attend Wimbledon at all, you must be very good at the game. Thus, you will still have enjoyable sets to watch.

Use a Trustworthy Broker

It is all too common that people will engage with a ticket broker, only to face disappointment. This happens when they receive a fake ticket or are otherwise ripped off.

If this happens to you, it will increase the amount of money you end up paying for the ticket or even leave you without enough money for the ticket at all. As such, you should make sure the broker deserves your trust. The following are some ways you can do this:

Check Their Security Protocols

You want to ensure the site is serious when it comes to its security. One of the easiest ways to do this is to check the URL when you get to the payment processor. If it has “HTTPS://” at the start you are in the clear, but if it instead shows “HTTP://”, you should start to worry.

HTTPS shows the user they are accessing a secure site that uses encryption to protect information such as credit card data. If you do not notice this abbreviation you may well be interacting with a site that intends to steal your data.

Make Sure You Can Make Secure Payments

Not all payment options are equal. You will want to make sure you are using a secure method at all times. Some of the best things you can do are to ensure the way you pay guarantees payment protection.

For example, credit cards allow you to charge back anything you buy if you find it to be fraudulent. This means you get the money back, and the bank will start to investigate the person who sold you the item. 

Another secure option is to use Paypal for anything you buy online. If you can prove you did not receive the item (and the burden of proof is always on the seller to prove they sent it), then you can get your money back.

Both of these might take time, so it is better to make sure you are in the clear to start with. This is preferable to finding yourself without money after a scammer stole it from you.

Look Into Reviews

Check with peers and strangers online to see if the site has good reviews. If people have had good experiences, it suggests the site is trustworthy. If these reviews come from over a long period, even better, as it means the site did not recently fake them.

Find their Privacy Policy and Contact Information

These steps do not always prove a ticket seller is legitimate, though it will show the seller intends to be transparent with their customers.

Privacy policies state what an establishment wants to do with the data you send them. At the same time, contact information allows you to hold them accountable. Both of these are very important should something go wrong or you worry about your data.

Avoid Scalpers and Street Vendors

It can be tempting to walk through London and search for small pop-up locations that sell tickets. The trouble is, though, there is no way to verify how genuine such sales are. You could be walking into a criminal enterprise and giving them money for a ticket that is worth nothing more than the paper it appears on.

Instead, interact with an online vendor you can trust, and get verifiable ticket information from them to avoid losing your money.

Buy Tickets for the Outside Courts

While everyone wants to be in the centre courts for the best games, this does not mean the others are not exciting. Plenty of long rallies and hard games occur both in the outside and centre courts.

Of course, this is a compromise, and might not be as prestigious. Still, it means you get to visit at all, and you might get to see several extra events by saving money this way.

Pick Up Weekday Tickets

Another option for getting a lower-price ticket is to look into weekday tickets. Everyone wants to go on the weekend, as they are out of work and looking to relax. By taking a day or two off work yourself, you can find seats that might cost far less than if you aim for when the largest crowds are.

The games are the same, the only difference is the impact on your wallet.

Attend a Practice Session Instead

Of course, a practice session does not have the prestige and excitement of a game where titles and prizes are on the line. Still, it can be great to watch people try out different techniques or have a much more casual time in their game.

Sometimes, the practice sessions can bring out a different side of the competitors and humanise them. This is something you will not see in the more serious games, as they will instead focus on the game itself.

Check the Costs of Different Seating Options

There are so many different options for where to sit at the site. Sure, everyone wants to be in the front row, but you can have as much fun having more of an overview of the game instead.

Look into how much each location costs. With a little luck, you will not get a location sitting behind an obstruction. Regardless of how you do it, you should be able to pick up something that is both affordable and entertaining.

Only Attend for One Day

Nobody said you needed to go for the whole tournament. With ticket prices, accommodation, and travel what they are, you might need to be realistic. And, at least you can say you’ve been and watched some of the tennis greats battle for the best titles in the world.

The Best Wimbledon Ticket Prices in 2023

The information above should have given you some important advice when it comes to reducing Wimbledon ticket prices in 2023. Still, there is not much better than finding a site that can offer you the goods in a simple and manageable way.

We have many different ticket options, alongside ticket and hotel package deals you can pick up today. So, check out our site and find something to match your dreams of a Wimbledon summer today.

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