Top 10 Wimbledon Players to Watch Out for in 2023

Now that Wimbledon and the other Grand Slams are done and dusted for 2022, it’s time to start looking at the players who are likely to feature in some of the best Wimbledon 2023 matches. 

Novak Djokovic is a pretty safe bet as one of the leading Wimbledon players of the last decade or so. Having seven Wimbledon wins under his belt also won’t do him any harm when he heads out onto the grass in 2023! Likewise, Wimbledon veteran Rafael Nadal is sure to feature in an exciting match or two – as long as injuries don’t cut his season short again. 

In the women’s championships, world number one Iga Świątek is an obvious strong contender. And, as anyone would expect, the 2022 Wimbledon winner Elena Rybakina and her finals opponent Ons Jabeur both have a good chance of taking home the Venus Rosewater Dish in 2023. 

But who else can you expect to qualify for Wimbledon in 2023? And what’s the likelihood that you’ll see some of the best UK tennis players out on their home court? Keep reading to learn our predictions for the top tennis players at Wimbledon 2023. 

1. Novak Djokovic

Centre court tickets might be like gold dust to get hold of. But if you do happen to secure one of the best seats in town, there’s a very good chance that you’ll see Novak Djokovic there making short work of his opponent at some point. 

Most bookkeepers name Djokovic as the odds-on favourite and the leader of the pack by a long way. Although other players have been nipping at his heels lately, Wimbledon has been Djokovic’s most successful Grand Slam over the last five years.

What’s more, Djokovic looks as at home on centre court as Roger Federer did in his prime. Some might suggest that Djokovic isn’t as graceful on grass as Federer once was, but there’s no denying his game is effective and very tough to beat. 

2. Iga Świątek

The top tennis players for the women’s Wimbledon final are a lot more closely-matched than the men’s. Although, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to see that the current favourite is the world number one female tennis player, Poland’s Iga Świątek. 

She might have lost early in the draw in 2022, but Świątek’s form since then makes her a good bet. Experts also like her chances for other Grand Slams earlier in 2023, including The Australian Open and The French Open. If she does end up winning these, this could boost her confidence even more by the time she heads to SW19. 

3. Matteo Berrettini

If you had any luck getting Wimbledon tickets in 2021 you might have seen Italian Matteo Berrettini making his way to the final. He also showed excellent form on the grass in 2022, although a case of COVID-19 forced him to pull out of Wimbledon.  

Those in the know consider him to have a good chance of making it to the final and even winning in 2023. After all, while he’d have to see off strong competition from Djokovic and Nadal, among others, even the best have to lose sometimes. 

4. Ons Jabeur

She might have lost out to Elena Rybakina in 2022, but many experts are backing Tunisian tennis player Ons Jabeur to win her first Grand Slam at Wimbledon in 2023. 

Not least because she’s had a fantastic ongoing season, making two Grand Slam finals and establishing herself as a deserving number two behind Świątek. Jabeur is also one of only a few players who look confident and content on grass. And, the variety in her playing style makes her a difficult opponent for many. 

She’s definitely focused and motivated enough to take the Wimbledon final too. After losing out to Rybakina in 2022, she revealed that she changed the lock screen on her phone to a picture of the Venus Rosewater Dish to help inspire her. It might not have worked in 2022, but we’re all going to enjoy finding out if 2023 is Jabeur’s year. 

5. Rafael Nadal

Like Berrettini, Rafael Nadal had to withdraw from the Wimbledon 2022 tournament due to health reasons. Even with the abdominal tear that forced him out, though, the Spaniard was able to make it to the semi-finals.

Question marks still linger over Nadal’s fitness for the 2023 season. But, when you consider that he was a convincing French Open winner just weeks after getting injured, many believe that he’ll come back fighting. And that he might even take his third Wimbledon title while he’s at it. 

6. Daniil Medvedev

The tennis betting market places Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in the top four most likely players to take home the Wimbledon men’s title for 2023. But, while his chances are nowhere near as good as Djokovic’s, there’s not a lot of difference between the odds of Medvedev, Nadal, or Berrettini winning. 

This suggests that an early upset for Djokovic could make it almost anyone’s title for the taking. And since Wimbledon officials excluded Medvedev from the tournament in 2022, it’s not unlikely that he’ll be extra determined to prove his right to be there in 2023.  

7. Elena Rybakina

Although Kazakhstani Elena Rybakina is the current reigning Wimbledon champion, her odds of winning in 2023 aren’t as good as her losing opponent Jabeur or Świątek, who was out in the third round last time. 

Rybakina will likely be out to prove she’s no one-trick pony, though, ensuring that her Wimbledon 2023 matches will draw in the crowds and promise plenty of fantastic highlights. 

8. Carlos Alcaraz

Following his US Open win in 2022, 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest-ever player to top the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) men’s world ranking. If nothing else, this makes him the kind of must-see talent that could really light up the courts at SW19.

That said, although he’s still sitting pretty at the top, an early exit from Wimbledon 2021 and an only slightly better result in 2022 make it unlikely that he’ll be considered an especially strong contender for the 2023 title at SW19.

In truth, the Spaniard looks much more at home on clay than he does on grass. And some are even suggesting that 2022 Wimbledon semi-finalist and current British number one male Cameron Norrie could be a better bet at 40/1. 

But Alcaraz has youth on his side – as well as a win over Djokovic under his belt. As such, there’s a good chance he might go a little further in the 2023 tournament – and possibly even all the way to the top in future Wimbledon tournaments. 

9. Simona Halep

As much as we’d love to give this slot to the current best UK tennis player, Emma Raducanu, Romanian Simona Halep has much more favourable odds to do well at Wimbledon in 2023. That said, since 20-year-old Raducanu has spoken about how she aspires to be as athletic as 31-year-old Halep, it could be worth watching out for a UK Wimbledon women’s title winner in the coming years. 

Former number one player Halep is currently the fifth favourite to take home the 2023 Venus Rosewater Dish. She manages to beat off competition from higher-ranking players due to her convincing 2022 Wimbledon performance. Not to mention, her unexpected 6-2, 6-2 defeat of Serena Williams in the 2019 Wimbledon final. 

10. Alexander Zverev

Injuries saw German hopeful Alexander Zverev pull out of the 2022 Davis Cup, who revealed that an ongoing and painful bone oedema issue is to blame. But experts are hopeful that he could make a recovery in time to score his first-ever Grand Slam in 2023. 

The good money is on Zverev taking the title at The US Open or possibly in Australia, he’s also among the top tennis players pulling in convincing odds for a win at the world’s oldest tennis tournament

The Wimbledon Players to Watch in 2023

Whether you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the unmatched hospitality at Wimbledon before or you’re currently planning your first visit to SW19, these are the top Wimbledon players to look out for in 2023. 

As this list shows, there are a few well-known names in the running, while several less established players yet to win a Grand Slam also have a fighting chance of walking away with the title. But, regardless of the Wimbledon 2023 matches and players you’re able to watch, you’re guaranteed a spectacular show every time. 

Since the best UK tennis players often draw big crowds at Wimbledon, you might even get to witness some homegrown talent overcome the odds to do better than expected. And that’ll definitely call for some celebratory strawberries and cream!

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