About Wimbledon Tennis Tickets

Wimbledon Tennis Tickets is the specialist ticketing arm of Tailormade Luxury Tennis Tours. Tailormade Luxury Tennis Tours has been established since 2001 and is the UK's leading provider of packages to Grand Slam Tennis events. 

We understand that not every client requires a travel package and attending Wimbledon may be part of a wider holiday to the UK that you don't
require assistance with. For that reason, we have established Wimbledon Tennis Tickets as your trusted source for tickets to the most iconic tournament in tennis.

All of the tickets supplied by Wimbledon Tennis Tickets are debenture seats on Centre or Number One Court and come directly from Wimbledon debenture holders who purchase tickets on a five year license term.
Debenture seats are the only type of Wimbledon tickets that can be sold legally.

At Wimbledon Tennis Tickets we understand that tickets to Wimbledon are often a once in a lifetime experience and at a significant cost. If you would like to discuss this in further detail, you are welcome to reach a member of our team at any time on +44 (0) 203 859 6810

We look forward to being of further assistance and to making your Wimbledon experience as enjoyable as possible.

Yours in tennis,

The Wimbledon Tennis Tickets Team